Enterprise Unit Reminder

To qualify for Enterprise Units (EU):

  • You must have planted acreage of the crop in at least 2 sections in the county.
  • Acreage of the crop planted in each section must constitute at least 20 acres or 20% of the insured crop acreage in the enterprise unit. You can aggregate planted crop acreage from 2 or more sections to meet the 20/20 rule.
  • Prevent Plant acreage of a crop cannot be used to qualify for Enterprise Units.
  • If you do not qualify for Enterprise Units, your premium will be calculated on a Basic/Optional Unit structure.

To Qualify for Multi-County Enterprise Units (MCEU):

  • Would have needed to elect MCEU with identical coverage levels on each counties policies at Sales Closing time (Deadline was 3/15/19).
  • One county must qualify as a stand-alone EU (Primary County), and the second county can NOT qualify for EU by itself (Secondary County).
  • Counties must be adjoining and can’t cross state lines.
  • Can only have two counties in a MCEU – can’t combine 3 or more.
  • Replant, prevent plant, and claims will be determined and paid at the MCEU level.




If you have any questions about meeting the Enterprise Unit or Multi-County EU planting requirements, please give our office a call @ 218.935.2700 or toll free @ 866.935.2700