Crop Insurance Premium Billing Extension and Production Reporting Reminders

2022 MPCI Billing Change

Due to drought conditions in parts of the country, RMA announced that interest charges for MPCI policies will be deferred for 60 additional days.  This means that interest charges will not be applied to your premium if a payment is postmarked to your insurance company by Nov. 30th 2022


Chopping Silage / taking crop to another use

If you are chopping corn for silage or are taking a crop to another use (haying small grains for example), you will need authorization from the company and will want to get an appraisal for loss/APH purposes. If you fail to get authorization from the company you will be assessed your guarantee on those acres


Loss Reporting

A notice is supposed to be turned in within 72 hours of noticing that there may be a problem.  A harvest loss claim must be submitted no later than 15 days after the harvest of the crop is completed. 


Comingling Grain with Previous Year’s Crop

Please contact us ASAP if you plan to comingle this years’ crop with grain from a previous years’ production. A notice must be submitted to the insurance company so an adjuster can measure the grain.


Sugarbeet Considerations

The Early Harvest Factor (EHF) was introduced several years ago and adds 1% per day to the production lifted before the regular campaign starts.  In certain loss scenarios, primarily disease, the EHF can be waived when an agricultural expert determines that the crop will continue to decline if not harvested. If you notice any damage on your sugarbeet fields that you plan on taking before October 1st, please notify us ASAP so we can get adjuster out to look at field to determine if the Early Harvest Factor can be waived.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.


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