Pandemic Cover Crop Program (PCCP)

On Tuesday June 1st, USDA released information about the Pandemic Cover Crop Program.  Ag producers who have insurance coverage under most MPCI policies are eligible for a $5/Acre premium support (but not more than the full premium owed) on insured acres that were planted to a eligible cover crop this spring.  For cover crops that were planted late last summer or fall, if the intended benefit was for the 2021 crop year, then these acres could also qualify for PCCP on spring insured crops.   If the cover was planted in the fall and has since been destroyed leaving no visible evidence, seed receipts may be needed if there are disputes on the accuracy of the producer’s report.

To receive this premium support, producers must report their cover crops at FSA by June 15th.    You do not need to report all your spring crops to FSA by this time, but most FSA offices would prefer to get it taken care of all together.  As part of filing the Cover Crop Report of Acreage, you will need to provide cover crop type, number of acres, maps with boundaries, and planting dates, producer’s share, and irrigation practice(s).

Below is the FAQ link regarding this program or feel free to give us a call.


Frequently Asked Questions