USDA held a press conference at 9:30 AM today and released the calculated per county 2019 MFP (Market Facilitation Program) Payment.  See the table below for your county rates.

Couple important details:

  • Sign-up starts July 29th and ends on Dec. 6th, 2019
  • MFP Payments will be made on all eligible planted program crop acres.  The list of covered commodities can be found on the second link provided below.
  • The first payment will be half of the total payment rate – Mahnomen county for instance has a payment rate of $54/Acre.  The first payment will be $27/acre
    • First payment estimated to be paid out mid-to-late August
  • Payments will be made in three installments – the second and third installments will be based on market conditions and trade opportunities and are anticipated to be paid in November and January.
  • If an MFP eligible cover crop is planted on Prevent Plant acres, with the potential to be harvested or for subsequent used as a forage, you would qualify for a $15/Acre payment
    • These PP Cover crops must be planted by AUGUST 1st (nation-wide) in order to qualify

Press Release with Program Details:

More program details (including commodities covered) can be found at:

All counties rates for the whole U.S. can be found in this link: